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Most compreshensive Milk Supply Chain Management (Cloud based) Solution for Dairy Process Management for all stakeholders involved.

Milk Consumption



Route Management


Retailer Loans



Milk Consumption

Transparency on details over milk consumption. Both Retailer and Customer can track and maintain milk consumption using the calendar view

Designed for effective Dairy Process Management

Easymilk connects you with your milk man to serve you better, Now you can easily:

  • pay your Bills Online.
  • Order Extra MIlk
  • Stop Milk
  • Manage your Subscription and Attendance

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Easymilk is an Online Portal that benefits both Milk Retailers and Customers:
MIlk Retailers by automating their Business processes and to by providing pre-approved Loans to address working capital problems.
Customers can enjoy a automated process customers can pay their milk bill to their respective Milk booth Owners who deliver them milk at Door step.

EasyMilk also offers other customer centric services like Extra Milk, Holiday & Inventory change notifications through its simplified messaging systems.

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